For this I am going to show you some screenshots of my work that I did for the client and the programs I used.

I am also going to be putting a link on here showing you my presentation;

here is a screenshot of it.

I have also handed in a sheet that my client gave me – a sketch to base my work on.

Home page

Valeting page

Contact page

Business Card


Critical Evaluation

For my collaborative work placement, It took me a while to actually find a client to do work for and I needed to research and look around a lot and ask a lot of different people/companies, the first idea I had was to ask Costcutter a local supermarket that has various stores around the UK, a bit like Tescos/Asda, but a lot smaller.

The only problem with this idea is that fact that I already work there as a supervisor, so it would be too easy to ask to a work placement there, they could of given me a task where I had to create them a new logo and slogan, but I declined as it would have been too easy and also it’s a company I already know and another reason is that they aren’t exactly a company that requires a lot of design work and I wanted a client where I could make something based on a sketch or task they give me.

The program I would consider using for design work would definitely be Photoshop, although I aren’t exceptional at Photoshop I think that it would be the best option for any design work, such as a logo or business cards. And that is exactly what I was asked to do for my Collaborative work placement.The person who set me my Collaborative work placement is also a worker at Costcutter where I work, he has been working there for years now and he wants to start something off by himself to do with cars, as everything to do outside Costcutter is to do with cleaning cars for people or fitting parts for people. He thought that as he already has a lot of people to do favors for with their cars, he might as well start to come up with his own Business in Car Valeting which is basically washing/cleaning cars to an extra level.

He basically wax’s the car to give it a shine and also gets rid of any scratches on the car by waxing it down and also if there is any minor scratches or bumps he can repair or paint over them professionally, that is the basic thing about the job that he wants to start off. But he also charges more for the time spent on the car, for example, He did my car for free as he needed photos of his work so he could get pictures before and after of the cars he’s done work on to show the difference. It took him 3 hours to do my car and he would of charged £30 – £40 due to what he did to my car, all my scratches had gone and my car looked new, this is when I knew he was taking this business seriously and he was a real client. I personally didn’t know what was car valeting was before he told me, so I had to research it by myself at home, the main features are basically wax and wash and a full valet which includes taking parts off the car and cleaning the insides and outs of everything.

Here is an explanation of what car valeting is and I chose a popular company to get the example from. The whole site has parts where it says what car valeting is and how it works.

This is where I when he said he wanted some help with designing a few pages for a website and he also wanted a business card to take around york and drop them off in various shops to be put on display to start his business going. So we arranged a meeting date on the 21st of May at 5pm to discuss ideas one what he actually wanted designing with the layout of the website and what he wanted on his business card. We met at his house in Wheldrake, York and spoke about different ideas he had to start off his business, I personally thought the best idea was the business card and then he could make a name for himself.

The first thing I asked him to do was to draw a rogue sketch of what he wanted me to do on paper so that I could use it as a basis to do the Photoshop designs. He asked for them to be basic nothing complicated for the moment, and he wanted the colors black and white in the website and business card, but he wanted the business to still be bold and effective, with maybe 3 key points.

I told him that I would be using Photoshop to do the work on but I told him honestly and I said I am not the best person to be using Photoshop as I have only started learning it this year but he said it’s fine and that he doesn’t want the designs to be too complex, he just wants to look at a potential layout that he has in mind. On the other hand the business card needs to look professional and clean enough to be put around different stores in the York area. He didn’t ask for a logo as such, he only asked me to put the name of his company, which is ‘GRF Valeting’.

He left it with me but unfortunately after that he left the country for a week which meant I did not have any contact with him during that period which left me on my own guessing what he wanted me to do so my first priority was to do what I could and then arrange to meet up shortly after he got back into England. This was a very big problem during the Collaborative work placement as the key thing about this is communication and it was very hard to communicate with my client for various different reasons, including the sketch he said he would create for me and the pictures he took of the stages of his work. I needed these in order to put them onto the website design and logo so I was basically sat around for a while thinking of different ideas to do, it was too late to find another client; I needed to stick with this one.

After our first meeting our next meeting was on the 1st of June at 12pm and unfortunately that was 1 week before the deadline. I gave him my USB stick and I told him to put his pictures on the USB and also sketch me a few ideas he had about the website, personally I thought the whole work experience with him was badly organized but there was nothing more I could do.

With the USB stick and the images I started to create a black and white Photoshop background and arranged some buttons/pictures according to what he had drawn on the sketch that can be found in my hand in folder and he told me that he would prefer the site to be in black and white for some unknown reason. I think he just wants a general idea and then take it further from there but I don’t have enough time to expand on the first idea, because of so many complications with contacting him. Although he had put the pictures on my USB stick I expected him to give me more, but there were only 8 pictures that I could work with. So I started to work on 3 basic pages on Photoshop and then make a decent business card.

I looked for ideas on a business card for Car Valeting so I started to search on Google and look at various valeting businesses and their business cards to try and inspire me to create my own. Here are a few websites I looked at;

Above is a link that I quite like because the business card is fairly simple and only puts a few points across but it is also fairly bold and has the telephone number at the bottom so that people who read it can phone up and ask for more information. It is also on a sales site, and I noted this down to have a word with my client and say that instead of creating a website, he could simple advertise his business on a premade site that you can find by typing into Google.

When I finally met him to show him what I had done, he was generally happy with the business card, but after seeing the website designs, he decided he wanted some slightly more complex than the ones I had created but by this point it was way too late, so I told him I would work with him in the future and if it starts him off I could get some of the profit he makes if I carry on doing this kind of work for him.

Overall I have learnt that working for a client doesn’t always work out as its expected to, but I figured out that doing work like this is helpful in the way that you are getting experience to actually work for a client once I have finished college and how to keep deadlines, I treat this as a taster for the real job world and I have realized that I need to get as much information about the task set as soon as possible otherwise something could come up and get in the way of you and your client.

If I was to do this assignment again I would definitely be more enthusiastic to get a client and be a lot more organized with the task set in order to create the best possible product I have been asked to create. On the other hand I think my client is fairly happy with what I have come up with to start his business off. We only had two real meetings and this meant that he didn’t have much input to what I was doing but that isn’t a bad thing in some ways because I had to use my own initiative to do the work. But I have been taught a lesson in the fact that client work isn’t always well organized.

To conclude this assignment I would say that the collaborative work placement was a good way to get used to the real life of work, work experience with someone you don’t know very well personally can lead to other opportunities with other people e.g. someone else has already asked me to design them a business card for their own car garage. And a big problem with doing work for a random person can be sometimes risky in the fact if they don’t get back to you at all and you end up doing the work for no constructive reason.

After researching 3 different artists on self portraits, I had to choose which one I was going to base my expressive image on, what I ideally wanted to do from the start was making a photo collage and thats what I have done, the artists that I studied were David Hockney and Romare Bearden, David Hockney specialised in many subjects of art, a lot of it was photography, and Romare Bearden concentrated on making collages with different materials. So i thought I would combine the two artists together and come up with something myself.

The idea I had was to take 6 or so different pictures with different effects on them, put them all on photoshop and then cut them up into different boxes and merge them into one picture, so you get the photo collage effect and you also get a hint of weirdness to the photo. This is something I wanted to base it on.


I used this in my research blog post and basically this is what I wanted to do, but use some of Romare Beardens work as well that involves a various amount of colours as this picture is quite bland.

Anyway here is a picture of the software I used to create my final piece.

This is Photobooth, you can get it on mac as a standard program and this was the best way I could of got any photos because I do not have a decent camera to take pictures with there are a lot of different options on this program where you can change the effect of the picture and record videos even.

Now here is a picture of my work in photoshop.

As you can see on the picture, I have taken about 6 or 7 pictures put them on photoshop and cut pieces out and put them onto a new document, with each cropped image I added certain effects to them such as shadows, as you can see at the bottom right of my screenshot. I also cut pieces out of my final picture and put new eyes and a mouth in to really give it the weird effect and put a bit of Romare Bearden’s art in it, Overall it was David Hockney’s photo collage’s that inspired me to do this picture. Unlike the previous assignment, I had no issues with downloading programmes as I already had them on my Mac.

Final piece (also on A3 in folder)

For this assignment we have been told to create an Expressive image, I am going to research on 3 artists that specialise in self portraits and then come up with my own Expressive image inspired by the 3 artists that I research.

The 3 artists I am going to be researching are;

  • Alexa Meade
  • David Hockney
  • Romare Bearden

I have chosen 3 different artists that portray self portraits in different ways or have different styles of work that I could use in my self portrait expressive image.

Alexa Meade

Alexa Meade is an artist that was born in Washington DC, born on the 3rd of September 1986 and she focuses on painting and photography on self portraits or canvas portraits on a physical subject e.g. she uses a real person to paint on, not a canvas, this has to be done exceptionally well to be able to pull it off. Rather than most artists painting onto a canvas or paper, Alexa Meade thought she would take art to a whole new level and paint people exactly how it would look on a canvas. The stages it takes to complete some of her work is mainly using acrylic paint on live subjects and then using photography afterwards to achieve the canvas look, some of her pictures look 2D and some of them look 3d.

Alexa Meade has work all over the USA and all over the world/internet, some of the places where her work is represented are, Pool Gallery in Berlin, Saatchi Gallery in London and Postmasters Gallery in New York city. Her work is also in a lot of private galleries around the world and has also appeared in a lot of magazines across America.

This image is meant to be  2D painting on like on a canvas but used on a real subject, to do this she used oil and acrylic paint as you can see, she looks kind of disturbed on the picture, kind of like she has something depressing on her mind. On my final piece I am hoping to portray some emotion in my picture. The thing about these pictures are that they are actually 3D but when she paints them they turn into a 2d photo like on a canvas or paper. Her paint is like a mask for the subject, she can portray a lot of emotions.

Before she started in the Art industry properly, she was inspired by shadows on paintings / pictures and wanted to start doing this herself, she started by trying to paint shadows onto people and discovered that the shadow effect on paintings could still work even if they weren’t stood in there original light source. Alexa Meade quoted ”I paint representational portraits directly on top of the people I am representing” which I personally think means t hat she can cover up someone identity for something new or completely different to the person, for example the person/subject could look perfectly normal before she has painted on them, but after they could look weird/scary or there face could tell a story. It looks like it would  be really hard to but expression on peoples face with paint and shadow painting, this is something I am looking into to do for my Final expressive image assignment but first of all I am going to have to experiment.

This photo is a self portrait of Alexa Meade split into two, one with her canvas look and one with herself, this is a very good picture in the way that it shows you the contrast between a real person and a painting, one half of her face looks scary and disturbing but the other half is completely normal, this is something I will be looking at when I do my Expressive Image.

David Hockney

David Hockney is an artist from the lovely Bradford in England aged 73, he was born in 1937 on the 9th of July and was the fourth of 5 children, he is an English painter, photographer, stage designer and many more and is now based in Bridlington, Yorkshire. He also has a officer in London. His art first took peoples eye in the 1960’s and is known to be one of them most influential artists of the 20th century. In his education he ended up finishing off at Bradford college of Art and the royal college of art in London. His art has progressed ever since the 60’s he started painting pictures and progressed to photo collages, which is what I want to look into for my expressive image.

This image is called ‘Mother’ by David Hockney and it is a photo collage, as you can see, he has taken a various amount of pictures and cut bits out of each of them and merged them into one, this isn’t a self portrait as you can see, but this is along the lines that I want to do, take pictures of my self, maybe at different angles and cut them up into pieces. I would personally use photoshop cs5 to cut them up and put them onto a A3 sheet on paper and print it off.

Recently in 1998 he made a massive painting of the grand canyon which is basically 60 paintings combined into a massive one, this got him 4.6 million dollars, and this is an inspiration of what I would like to do for my expressive image, maybe not with painting, but with a photograph. The idea I have from this is to take a picture of my self various times and combined them in a weird way to get the essence of disturbing pictures like Alexa Meade. This was fairly recent in his Career and before this he used to only use one perspective for the subject, but in recent times he starts taking photos from all around the subject, to get a wide range of photos to combine on his photo collages.

This is the Grand canyon photo as you can see he focused painting 60 different squares and in the end, combined them all together, another example of what I am planning on doing. The thing is he painted this in sections, with my photos it will have to be just a bunch of different photos all cropped down to fit in the image.

Romare Bearden

Romare Bearden is an artist from America and lived from September 2, 1911 – March 12, 1988 and he ranged from doing writing to being an artist doing collages, paintings and cartoons, to do these he used various things, photos cut up in to different pieces, he would also use items like cloth and bits of paper in his collages to give the most possible realistic yet weird effect to his pictures. His work started when he was under the study of a German artist called George Grosz in the Arts student league.

in the 1960s in the civil rights movement, Romare started to work with collages, he usually made collages something to do with America, and to do this he uses magazine trimmings, paper, cloth and other random materials, here is a picture of one of his collages and as you can see, its a completely random set of materials.

This collage is called ”The Calabash” and as you can see it is not a self portrait, but as I said with David Hockney it’s the idea of his work that has caught my idea, putting different bits together to create a photo, but mine will a self portrait, collage/surreal photo.

Romare Bearden died in 1988 in New York due to bone cancer, he was named one of the best collagist’s to ever live.

My ideas

After researching these 3 artists, I have a general idea of what I would like to do, basically a face collage on photoshop to start with and print it off and maybe add a few things to it, here is a photo that I am basing my idea on.

As you can see the picture is split into pieces and there is a background effect added to it, I am going to try my best to edit a picture in photoshop, or maybe 10 photos and attempt to merge them into one. A way that I could take my photos would be to use photo booth and use the different effects on that, and then put them into photoshop and crop them up into a massive A3 sheet into a surreal disturbing picture, and combining two or more of the artists that I have researched.

Time (Editing)

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Professional project

I have captured all my clips that I want to include in the Time lapse and put them into Final cut pro, now I need to speed the video up to the perfect time so it fits the cap of 2 minutes, and also edit the video so it has a nice beginning/end and some nice transitions, I recorded about 20 clips but I ended up using about 10 speed up by 600%, I could of used more but I needed to stay at the 2 minute cap, even though I went over by 10 seconds, it was hard to get the video bang on two minutes without ruining part of it.

I used Final cut pro and before I started it I didn’t know much about it, but after playing around with all the different buttons and looking at tutorials, I can say I am pretty confident with transitions, text, cropping, importing, editing text and transitions and basically everything to do with making a time lapse in Final cut pro.

When I imported them in, I found a music track that I wanted to use straight away, called ”Nero – Guilt”. This track builds up from start to finish but I am going to have to crop a lot of the song off in order for it to fit in the 2 minute cap, but basically it is suitable for a fast flowing Time lapse and I can change the speed of the Time lapse depending on the state of the song although it seemed to fit perfectly with increasing the speed by 600%. I found this song on my iTunes and another reason I picked it was because it is popular within the genre that it is and also popular artist in the UK.

At the start of this challenge I used movie maker for a bit of practice before I went into an industry standard program such as Final Cut pro, but here is a few screenshots of my work on Final cut pro, The render time took 2 hours and all the clips together on my external hard drive added up to 247 GB, I thought I might be able to use a USB stick to transfer my files 1 by 1, but instead I used the families external hard drive.

To finish everything off I basically took about 10 clips onto my external hard drive, and then attempted to put them on my mac, now this was a disaster to start with because the files were .AVI files and they don’t work on mac, so I downloaded 5 different video converters, 4 of them did not work but finally I found one that did the job in HD, the first one I downloaded was worse quality than the rest and as you will be able to see in my video, the first clip isn’t as good quality as the rest.

Here is a screenshot of the converter I downloaded to be able to video edit my Time Lapse in Final cut pro.

Pet rock

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Professional project

For this part of the assignment, we needed to advertise a pet rock, which is basically a fake pet, but on the poster we are meant to sell this item and explain what it can do for the customer e.g. it can watch your every move and you can take it anywhere with you to experience your everyday life and it can be your new best friend etc, My idea was to make a poster not a video and I wanted to make it simple. A picture of the pet rock, with points about why the customer should buy it and the price.

So I started to research as to what to do for my pet rock, there were various ideas as to what to do, I discussed a few ideas with friends that included using animated things such as Pokemon and Digimon, as some of them are rocks or are related to a rock in some way, but personally I thought that would be too common a idea to use.

My other idea would of been to create a video on final cut pro using a real rock, but I would stick eyes and a mouth on it and video edit it so it looked like it was walking around and travelling places, one reason I didn’t do this is because it would be very time consuming and I have already used video for two of the other  challenges but on the other hand it would be a lot more constructive that doing a poster.

This is basically a video of someone advertising pet rock and explaining the pros and cons about it!

The main things about the pet rock are;

– you can take it everywhere with you unlike other household pets such as a cat and a dog, the pet rock can fit in your bag.

– It can be your new best friend

– Play with him!

After researching everything I decided to make a Pet Rock poster on photoshop and basically just explain what it does instead of doing a video, and add the price and the main points about why someone should buy one.

Here is my pet rock!

For my pet rock I used photoshop to create this poster, I wanted to go for something simple but elegant and effective, a grey/white/black background and text was chosen just because of the subject, a rock is grey and I thought an extra way to portray what I’m selling could be by the colour of the poster.

Here is my pet rock in photoshop, It took me a while to do as I am fairly new to photoshop, but I did it in the end and I’m happy with it and I have also learnt a lot more about photoshop.

For my time assignment, I had various ideas as to what to do, I asked around the class and tutor with my ideas but it took me a while to finalise what I wanted to do. One of my ideas was to do a time lapse of my journey to college, I have all the tools to do this; a decent camera and good software to import it onto, but a lot of other people in the class were using the same idea, so I decided to think of something else.

What I decided to do, was a time lapse / video edit of an online game played world wide called World of Warcraft, there are thousands of players moving around the virtual world every day so it would do awesome to see what goes on in a day online and how many people and encounters there actually are. I need to speed the video up so that it fits into a 2 minute video as that is the requirement for the assignment. The assignment is called Time, so what I am going to make is called a time lapse, time lapses are basically things that have been recorded for a certain amount of time and speed up to whatever the creator wants it to be, usually 4 – 8x faster.

Here is an Example of a time lapse.

For my video I have plans to do quite a lot of transitions in the time lapse and also make a decent title page and ending, and definitely a decent choice in music to make the video less dull than it would be without music, it needs to be something fast flowing and fit the time cap of 2 minutes. I have various ideas as to which music to put on my time lapse, in my opinion it has to be fast flowing dance music that gives the video some energy, to do this I am going to to search through my media player library and my iTunes library to find a suitable song, the main ideas I have in mind are Nero – Innocence or Nero – Guilt.

The program that I am going to be using to record my WoW clips is called Fraps, which basically records whatever you are doing on your computer on a video in a good quality, this is very suitable for my idea as I can record the clips using fraps and put the videos straight into Final cut pro, One issue of this is that I only have final cut pro on my Mac, where as the clips are on my PC, therefore I need to buy a USB stick to be able to take them anywhere. Once I have put the clips into Final Cut pro, I am going to speed the clips up so fast that they fit into the 2 minute cap set on the assignment. I considered using Movie maker to practice, I tried it out to get the general idea of what I wanted to do on final cut pro.

here is a screenshot of my practice session in windows live movie maker.

Personally this  helped me out a lot, playing around with different video editing software gave me a wide range of ideas as to what transitions work with what kind of video, E.g. transitions are very nice to swap between two different videos, which I will be doing on my time lapse, I have several recordings that are all going to be on the time lapse.

I have various clips from World of Warcraft, most are linear clips, they start from the beginning of a dungeon and finish at the end, but some of the clips I have stopped and started at various points and there isn’t really a decent beginning or an end, the aim for my time lapse is to show the beginning properly and end it properly too, too many transitions won’t be as effective as a timelapse from start to finish.

Here is a time lapse from World of Warcraft.

This video is someone stood zoomed in and recorded it for a certain amount of time, and as you can see many people are running around throughout the day, the thing I like about this video is that he changes positions, he isn’t just stood in one place being boring. On my time lapse I am going to be moving around too.

Here is a time lapse of someone playing wow for 24 hours, This was one of my ideas too but it would require too much time awake and no sleep!

This video a guy basically only needs a camera and a piece of paper with writing on it.

My other idea would be to take pictures of the time of day, every hour, so you can merge all the photos together and see how the sky and environment changes throughout the day and make a big poster showing all the pictures together, the problem I have with doing this one is that I do not have a decent camera to take high definition pictures. I had an alternate idea to take a picture every hour with my iPhone but the camera is only 5 mega pixels and I don’t think it would be up to the standard I want it to be. The other idea I could of used was record a town or my village and take a screenshot of it speed up by 10x.

Here is an example of a picture that focuses on the environment throughout the day by taking pictures.

and Finally here is an example of a picture taken during a time lapse.

So I have decided for my assignment I am definitely going to be recording a time lapse on the world wide internet MMO, world of warcraft and to do this, I am going to be using fraps as I said above at the start, before my final time lapse video, I have got some videos that have failed and the reason why they failed is because I didn’t choose the right settings on fraps so they video wasn’t perfect and also I chose the wrong settings on Final cut pro, the good thing about me failing is that I have learnt from my mistakes and I won’t be doing them again.

Here is a screenshot of the Fraps settings, the software I am using to record the time lapse.

All I have to do is just press f9 to start/stop recording my clips and once they are recorded all I need to do is click on View and it brings up a folder with all my recorded videos in like this.

The film is going to be recorded in 60 fps, so a good quality of video, a linear style video with nice transitions and suitable music and the imported into Final cut pro and finally exporting it onto a disc. The video will also be on youtube so I can link it onto my blog.